Friday, January 14, 2011

New user group in Sofia: Web Platform

Yesterday new user group was born here in Sofia, Bulgaria. Its domain is defined pretty wide - Web Platform, which means that very wide range of topics will be covered. First meeting was about "Building web sites with new technologies" and included ASP.NET MVC3, .NET Nuggets, SQL CE, Web Deploy, IIS Express and so on.

What was new to me was the nuggets and the IIS Express. Nuggets looks like a big time saver, I always like to focus on business logic and keep the plumbing part to minimum and from this point of view .NET is far behind some other technologies. I am very eager to try the scaffoldings for MVC and to see how they work for a real life application.

I am very happy about this new user group, since its domain is very close to my current job profile and I think that it will be of great use to me. After the first meeting, my strongest recommendation is to get deeper into the topic. You cannot cover all this technologies in a session of two hours. And we have already seen a lot of light demonstrations with most of them. What we need is a deeper look, how the things actually happens. I would like to see a real world showcase of how these things work together.

I wish all the best to this new user group, I hope to meet some kindred spirits there. If you want to join, here is a facebook page. Next meeting - HTML5. Since, there is no official web page it is up to us to spread the word, so - tweet up :) !