Monday, December 27, 2010

Amazon's Kindle review

Lots of people seem to be interested in e-reader devices recently including me. I've been an owner of Amazon's Kindle for two months already and I'm more than excited. First of all and most important for me - for the last two months I read more books than the last two years. Reading now is much more accessible - I have a whole bunch of books I can read (actually much more than I can actually handle).

The Kindle itself is a great piece of electronics. What I like most about it - it is strictly profiled only for reading. It's not a multi-function, multi-purpose device - all you can do with Kindle is to read, but in a best possible way. It's very light-weighted and compact, but it gives you the feeling of a solid piece of equipment. Of course, it has a great integration with and you can buy books on the fly. What is more interesting, is the way you can upload your own document and books. Amazon provide you with a free email account, where you can send every book you want to read on your Kindle. After it is received on your email account - it is automatically transferred to your device.

To be honest, I have some problems reading some technical literature - especially when source code appears in the pages. It's usually not well aligned and formatted and the reading is not so fluent. Besides from that, reading from Kindle is as easy as it could be, with all king of feature you may need - bookmarking, highlighting, sharing through twitter and facebook and so on. The e-ink display is great and my eyes are more than happy after reading two-three hours with Kindle.

For converting my books to the amazon's format I use a special software on my PC - it is called Calibre (thanks to Yosif ). I have even set up Calibre to use my gmail smtp account settings, this way converting and sending all my books to my Kindle is a matter of just one click. Just go to "Preferences" -> "Sharing books by email" and fill the following fields:

Ordering Kindle from Bulgaria can be a painful experience though. You can use the service of various courier companies (Econt for example) that will handle the bureaucracy issues for you. If you are not so eager to get your device now, I'm sure that the prices will drop in the several months as this market is still emerging. Still, Kindle is the cheapest device you can get without compromising the quality.

I strongly recommend it! If you have further questions or remarks to make - do not hesitate to use the comment form.